Monday, October 29, 2012

Searching by Carol Gerlach

Searching by Carol Gerlach

The thoughts come in
Both truth and sin.
Dear God, show me the right.
Give me guidance and sight!

This world, this place-
I miss your face!
The joy and love,
Please send down from above.

Each tender mercy,
I am embrace.
Each moment of reflection,
Brings me to a place
Where we can be,
Just you and me!

Spirit to spirit inside me dwells
The light of Christ all fear to dispel

You nurture me sweetly,
With thoughts from thee
Obedient, radiant, you reach out to me

I feel your touch
Through a child's embrace!
I feel your kiss
As wind upon my face!

I search for your beauty
Above all else.
In every flower and creation so fine!
Searching, you are there
I see you every time!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Well

Seeking strength, I came early to the well,
With a longing to know and do His will.
So many stones had been in my path.
Must I truly give up all I have?

My will to bend, my heart to bleed,
So I stumbled on, no stone to heed.

A broken heart, a wounded knee --
As I fell and threw off my selfish greed,
Oh God, I cried, forgive me, please!

So to the well, I came you see,
To drink, not thirst; to fill, not fail.
As His strong arms, embraced my frail.

Surrounded by the light of truth,
I drank and knew. I would never thirst again,
As long as I drank the water provided by Him.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Devoted by Carol Gerlach

Devoted, doubting not at all.
Listening, yearning, hearing God’s call.
Again, I raise my weary head –
Eyes uplifted to see ahead
What waits for me this day,
I choose!
Devoted, desiring his will,
I’ll use --
To bring me back from rebellion’s edge,
To heal my heart and clear my head.
The way is hurtful, filled with stones of pain.
But I will rise and begin again.
Devoted to HIM!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Living Waters

by Carol Gerlach

Swiftly flows the waters sent from God --
Watering my parched and thirsty soul.

Freely flowing, sparkling clear,

He blesses all that I hold so dear.

The desert sun beats once again.

I droop my head and pray to Him.

Again and again He sends me love --

Waters of healing from His throne above.

Can I live without a drink?

This water of life - What do you think?

A sip I take and crave for more,

To share with others that I adore.

Eternity awaits for me --

If I can only drink and see --

Dear Savior, sweet,

The water of life --It flows from thee.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blessed Hope

Arise and get thee up.

Prepare for the setting of the sun.

Live for the blessed hope of

Christ's glorious returning.

Fill your day with honest endeavors.

Find God's will and obey.

Love Him and rejoice

as you live a self-controlled,

Upright and godly life today.

Hour by hour check your focus.

Keep your eyes and empty heart

Focused on Christ and see his glory

in the brilliant sunset!

God Blest America!

High on a mountain top
Our nation's flag is unfurled,
The children now look up
It waves to all the world.

A parade of children's bikes
To celebrate our day,
Of independence from the
Bondage that enslaves.

These little ones so pure
Will be our shining hope.
The future is secure
Upon this mountain slope!

Oh Lord, you've given us this land
Forged and protected, proudly it stands
As a witness of our faith
A testimony to the world!
This land our God Almighty has created
Our children respect and love.
God bless America!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Listening to my heartbeat, I'm in wonder now

As I know, my God, you've entered there

To dwell somehow.

Within my breast, to stand the test for me.

My fight and battle is going on,

But with you beside me, I'll be strong.

Thank you, dear Father and Son, complete,

As I humbly bow with love at your feet.