Monday, July 20, 2009

Losing my Way

I walked the path that lead to healing

And thought I had it now.

No more needing -

to read the word and search each day

Oh no, I had found my way.

Then suddenly the path was blurred

I followed the crossroad and erred.

Mistakes were made, I cried and prayed.

Help me, Lord to find the way.

The old idols and demons returned and challenged me.

I wasn't strong as I bowed humbly

To ask god's help and grace somehow.

Again, he answered and I now know,

The daily walk with him must be

Finding his will through words and deeds,

Then daily again and again, I see

Only with him will I find my way.

Alone, I'll fall and be lost and greedy..

The path again came into sight

As I read the Word and found his light.

As I read his letters sent to me,

I found the path I will always need.

God's breath

Huge, white billows of clouds and mist.

God breathes and smiles at me.

Green, shadowy mountain glens

Peak through the mist.

I am undone with love for

My great Creator.

His magnificence, presence,

Reality are ever before me.

Genuine is His love.

Masterful are his works.

I am undone with humility

at my nothingness

and how He loves and supports me.