Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Well

Seeking strength, I came early to the well,
With a longing to know and do His will.
So many stones had been in my path.
Must I truly give up all I have?

My will to bend, my heart to bleed,
So I stumbled on, no stone to heed.

A broken heart, a wounded knee --
As I fell and threw off my selfish greed,
Oh God, I cried, forgive me, please!

So to the well, I came you see,
To drink, not thirst; to fill, not fail.
As His strong arms, embraced my frail.

Surrounded by the light of truth,
I drank and knew. I would never thirst again,
As long as I drank the water provided by Him.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Devoted by Carol Gerlach

Devoted, doubting not at all.
Listening, yearning, hearing God’s call.
Again, I raise my weary head –
Eyes uplifted to see ahead
What waits for me this day,
I choose!
Devoted, desiring his will,
I’ll use --
To bring me back from rebellion’s edge,
To heal my heart and clear my head.
The way is hurtful, filled with stones of pain.
But I will rise and begin again.
Devoted to HIM!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Living Waters

by Carol Gerlach

Swiftly flows the waters sent from God --
Watering my parched and thirsty soul.

Freely flowing, sparkling clear,

He blesses all that I hold so dear.

The desert sun beats once again.

I droop my head and pray to Him.

Again and again He sends me love --

Waters of healing from His throne above.

Can I live without a drink?

This water of life - What do you think?

A sip I take and crave for more,

To share with others that I adore.

Eternity awaits for me --

If I can only drink and see --

Dear Savior, sweet,

The water of life --It flows from thee.