Monday, September 7, 2009


To see the majesty of God

Is to simply look at his majestic creations--
The earth and all therein,
His children, the animals where to begin.
To thank Him for all these.
Thank you, dear Lord, thank you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Follower

I am a follower and rejoice to see,
The one I follow will truly bless me.
My father in heaven I walk your path
With eyes uplifted and pride downcast.

Proverbs 15:16
“Commit to the Lord whatever you do
And your plans will succeed.”

The Perfect Day

For the love of God,
I pray and sing.
For the grace of Christ
I know will bring
Freedom from sin as I repent.

For the peace of the spirit,
I study to learn
How to follow God’s will
So I may return to Him.

For the will of God,
Leads the way
That I may rejoice
In this perfect day
His gift to me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Losing my Way

I walked the path that lead to healing

And thought I had it now.

No more needing -

to read the word and search each day

Oh no, I had found my way.

Then suddenly the path was blurred

I followed the crossroad and erred.

Mistakes were made, I cried and prayed.

Help me, Lord to find the way.

The old idols and demons returned and challenged me.

I wasn't strong as I bowed humbly

To ask god's help and grace somehow.

Again, he answered and I now know,

The daily walk with him must be

Finding his will through words and deeds,

Then daily again and again, I see

Only with him will I find my way.

Alone, I'll fall and be lost and greedy..

The path again came into sight

As I read the Word and found his light.

As I read his letters sent to me,

I found the path I will always need.

God's breath

Huge, white billows of clouds and mist.

God breathes and smiles at me.

Green, shadowy mountain glens

Peak through the mist.

I am undone with love for

My great Creator.

His magnificence, presence,

Reality are ever before me.

Genuine is His love.

Masterful are his works.

I am undone with humility

at my nothingness

and how He loves and supports me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


What brings joy and happiness?

What brings tears and sadness?

Daily moments of love and laughter

Nightly thoughts of what if only.

Lord, above we know your love

We feel it coming like the wind from above

Blowing across our faces and into our hair

Feeling your caresses as they float through the air.

Keep us in your joy and peace

Bring us tears of understanding and release.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I will lift up mine eyes

I will lift up my eyes

As I thank and praise my Lord.

He is all powerful,

Truly filled with mercy.

His love is ever enduring

It fills me from day to day.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

I will lift up mine eyes from here below.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skies of Blue

Skies of blue

Mountains so high,

Colors of the rainbow

Delight the eye.

Sweet words of love.

A kiss or two

Sent from heaven--

Come from you.

Oh Father, we thank thee this day

For skies of blue and

Mountains so grey.

You bless our lives that we may see

How close we are to heaven and thee.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I woke up this morning

I woke up this morning

And God was on my mind,

He was on my mind.

If I've got problems,

If I've got worries,

Because He's there all the time.

Yes, I feel his nearness everytime.

I kneel, I pray, I thank him every day.

Same things like found keys,

Big things that bring me to my knees

I see him in the small things that

He gives to me.

He shows me the great mysteries

He leads me to my knees and

Waits for me to speak the words

of gratefulness for all He does for me

and mine.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Only You, dear God

Oh Lord, my god

You shine like the brightest sunlight

through sparkling, clear glass.

Yours hands bring salvation and comfort

to my weary shoulders.

Blessed be the name of my God

Who reigns forever and ever.

You who gathers the wind in your hand

And hurls with hurricanes fury.

Who blows soft breezes and little leaves

before your breath.

You who hath bound the waters

as they surround the shores of land.

Oh creator or heaven and earth,

In awe I bow b eofre your presence

With trembling, I seek your praise.

I abhor the praisse of men,

It is as a tinkling wind chime and

has no substance.

Only you do I love,

Only you do I seek,

Only you do I wait for

Only you, dear God -- only you!

God of heaven and earth, Lord of all.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lift up Mine Eyes

As I lift up my eyes today I saw,

God's majesty displayed as the

mountains majesty surrounded me.

The birds sang sweetly and the

pink blossoms drifted to the ground

as I smelled their fragrance all around.

I lifted up my heart today

And prayed for God to heal my pain.

I listened as He told me all that I might gain.

And so together my love and I knelt

before our God and cried.

Hear our prayers and heal our hearts

As we your children do our part

To obey your laws and keep your commands

Serve our brothers and sisters with our hands.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Psalm for Dallen

The heavens opened
And Dallen entered in.
His pain released --
all worry ceased.
At home again.

The tears did fall
from our saddened eyes.
As he passed on from our sight.

Yes, he did stand
to take our Savior's hand--
His pain released --
All worry ceased.
At home again.

Embraced in our Savior's arms
He stood, encircled by love
least understood --
by those of us left behind
To mourn his loss and
search our minds --

For peace and acceptance,
through this pain.
We miss him so; but
must remain here.
Oh so many tears!

But let us remember and know--
The heavens will open
And we will enter in.
At home again.

Dallen will be there --
Waiting patiently
As the Savior takes us in His
Our pain released,
All worry ceased.
In our Celestial home again.

Precious Love

These precious ones around your knees

You suffered them to come to thee.

My precious ones around we swarm

They hands and cheeks are sweet and warm

As they kiss and touch me, I feel their love

Just as it comes from God above.

Precious and holy filled with glee

I feel your love from them to me.

Battle for Righteousness

The struggle is ongoing--
The war rages on!
Where is my peace
From these hurtful blows?

Perhaps if I linger and stay away
From the battle –
Away from the fray,
Will I be okay?

Listen, oh listen
And do not stay
Hidden from battle.
You’ll not be okay!

The demons are watching
To snatch you away.
They want you to linger
So they can prey.

Quick! Put on your armor,
Lift up your shield.
The battle-- press forward
God’s at your heel.

The war is ongoing
Until He returns
To conquer all evil
Then peace will be won.

The struggle is over
This prize will be yours --
To enter His presence free of sin
Sanctified and holy – just like Him.

Almighty Father

It is you Almighty Father,
It is you that I do seek –
It is you that I wait for –
God of Heaven, Lord of all.
You are my only God, my Abba, My Father.Praise be your name forever and ever.

Grateful Praise

In gratitude I bow my head
And thank thee, Lord, for what's been said.
The words today were true and sweet
The bread and water pure and clear
I felt your presence oh so near.

With grateful praise we sang the hymns
That gave words and music meant for Him
Who died for us to remove our sin
Oh Father, in gratitude I bow my head.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Treasure

She listened and watched and carefully read
The lines on the maps and what they said.

Her journey would be long and dangerous too—
But her ship was sturdy. She had a good crew.

The Captain was strong and quite supreme.
The crew called him Master, and on him did lean.

The treasures she sought were values of worth,
Values of strength and character, too!

She needed those maps, the Captain and crew
To show her which way her treasure lay.

For the treasure she seeks, she will surely find
Not diamonds or rubies—Not the earthly kind.

But virtue and honor will be her quest
As she lives worthily and faces each test.

To know her captain is Jesus Christ,
And thank him for showing the way that is right.

The maps are the words of scripture and light.
The crew is her family given to help in the fight--

Against the waves of sin and storms of lies
She must journey through to reach the far side.

Yes, she listened and watched and carefully read
The lines on the maps and where they lead.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Holy Temple

Upon your holy mountain stands
A temple built with human hands.
A place of worship, faith and love
As it embraces those here and above –

Who wait upon those here below
To seek their names and so to go
Into the temple of our Lord
And serve them there.

Brothers and sisters,
Fathers, Mothers, too
Sealed with promises, so much to do.

And so into His House we go
To take our names and also show
Our Father and Christ, the love divine
Of temple worship and how it shines
Within our hearts, within our lives --

As we enter the temple upon the hill,
And feel His spirit and a gentle thrill
To know His goodness and mercy too
We humbly bow and say “Thank you!”

For blessings given to the living and the dead
As we work and pray and look ahead –
To the day when we shall gladly meetThese loved ones and the Savior sweet.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Path of Pain

Tears and fears, pain and prayers,

Pleas and bargaining.

Please help me out of this place of dread.

I need a way, some path ahead.

To give me hope and will to try

To know that thee, God, my Father on high --

Will place your hand upon my brow

And bless me with peace and hope, somehow.

The pain is deep and does not end.

The help and succor let it begin.

This very hour, I need help this day.

I can endure for this I pray.

That thou will hear my pleas and show

Me how from this path of pain to go.

As I remember Christ in Gethsamane

Crying out just like me.

He stayed the course and so must I

Without any questioning or asking why.

For only thou, Father dear, knows

Why we are called to walk without fear.

The lessons we learn and obedience give

Will bring us back to you to live.

Our pains and sufferings like Christ will be

A crown of jewels offered to thee.

So today I will walk this path of pain

And remember what great gifts I shall gain.

Eternal life and family and most of all

Dear Father, thee.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Called Forth to be a Queen

Each day of prayer and study
Is sweeter than before --

As I read the words of Christ
And hear him knocking at my door.

I wonder that I'm heard on high
As in sweet repose I sigh,

And tears of wonder flood my eyes
As words of prayer above me fly--

He fills my heart with wonder keen
As he calls me forth to be a Queen.

A queen to serve his children here--
Yes, one to serve his children there.

No gowns or jewels or queenly court,
To make His queens the earthly sort.

But service and sacrifice will make
A crown that our Savior can take,

And crown us once we're truly His--
With jewels of joy, wonder, and bliss.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Waters Clear

They stood by the waters

The font was filled.

Family and friends were thrilled.

The father stood proud all dress in white

His son stood nearby a glorious sight,

As they held each other's hands.

The authority was there in priesthood fine

The Holy Ghost would be given when it was time.

We watched as their faces came up from the deep

The veil was lifted,

Their smile so sweet.

To be washed clean and enter in

The gate of eternity for them begins

To open as they passed through.

A member of God's Kingdom, his army too!

Thank you, dear Lord, for the example you set

As you too was baptized, we'll never forget.

But remember the example you gave us to do

To be baptized just like you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Letters of truth

Some letters came for me today

From long ago and far away.

The words were ancient but quite clear

They told me not to worry or to fear.

These pages seemed to bring to me

So many long, lost memories --

Of truth, the way, the path of right

To bring me toward eternal light.

The letters are bound into a book.

A book of scriptures, just take a look.

Yes, they were written to you and me.

They tell us of Christ's victory,

And how the words of prophets old

Bore witness of the Christ so bold!

They speak to us of his message sweet --

Life eternal and joy complete.

Some letters came for me today

That I did read without turning away.

They brought me peace and wisdom sure

And guidance from the Spirit pure.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

God's Will

As my knees hit the floor beside my bed,

My hands reach out to hold my head,

Lowered and trembling my voice speaks now...

Dear God, oh Father,

I thank thee and ask how--

How to find your will today.

What should I do, to whom should I say

The words from you on this perfect day.

For each sunrise brings beauty and light.

Just as your Son gave his life

That darkness of death might forever flee

Show me the way to come to thee.

The perfect day, each one you've made

With sunlight, clouds and cooling shade.

So please dear, Abba, let me know --

What to do and where to go?

What and how much to eat

and spend?

How to succor and befriend?

Which coat to wear over this body of mine,

This temple that clothes my spirit divine.

Dear Father, I ask in prayer so sweet

As I brokenly kneel at your feet,