Monday, May 11, 2009

The Path of Pain

Tears and fears, pain and prayers,

Pleas and bargaining.

Please help me out of this place of dread.

I need a way, some path ahead.

To give me hope and will to try

To know that thee, God, my Father on high --

Will place your hand upon my brow

And bless me with peace and hope, somehow.

The pain is deep and does not end.

The help and succor let it begin.

This very hour, I need help this day.

I can endure for this I pray.

That thou will hear my pleas and show

Me how from this path of pain to go.

As I remember Christ in Gethsamane

Crying out just like me.

He stayed the course and so must I

Without any questioning or asking why.

For only thou, Father dear, knows

Why we are called to walk without fear.

The lessons we learn and obedience give

Will bring us back to you to live.

Our pains and sufferings like Christ will be

A crown of jewels offered to thee.

So today I will walk this path of pain

And remember what great gifts I shall gain.

Eternal life and family and most of all

Dear Father, thee.

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