Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Holy Temple

Upon your holy mountain stands
A temple built with human hands.
A place of worship, faith and love
As it embraces those here and above –

Who wait upon those here below
To seek their names and so to go
Into the temple of our Lord
And serve them there.

Brothers and sisters,
Fathers, Mothers, too
Sealed with promises, so much to do.

And so into His House we go
To take our names and also show
Our Father and Christ, the love divine
Of temple worship and how it shines
Within our hearts, within our lives --

As we enter the temple upon the hill,
And feel His spirit and a gentle thrill
To know His goodness and mercy too
We humbly bow and say “Thank you!”

For blessings given to the living and the dead
As we work and pray and look ahead –
To the day when we shall gladly meetThese loved ones and the Savior sweet.

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