Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Psalm for Dallen

The heavens opened
And Dallen entered in.
His pain released --
all worry ceased.
At home again.

The tears did fall
from our saddened eyes.
As he passed on from our sight.

Yes, he did stand
to take our Savior's hand--
His pain released --
All worry ceased.
At home again.

Embraced in our Savior's arms
He stood, encircled by love
least understood --
by those of us left behind
To mourn his loss and
search our minds --

For peace and acceptance,
through this pain.
We miss him so; but
must remain here.
Oh so many tears!

But let us remember and know--
The heavens will open
And we will enter in.
At home again.

Dallen will be there --
Waiting patiently
As the Savior takes us in His
Our pain released,
All worry ceased.
In our Celestial home again.

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